2015 Les Chartrons Bordeaux Blanc

2015 Les Chartrons Bordeaux Blanc

Zesty and delicate Bordeaux white that entices Sauvignon Blanc lovers


While less than 10% of the wine produced in France’s historic Bordeaux region is white, connoisseurs seek these rarefied wines for their light and fruity profiles. 2015 Les Chartrons Bordeaux Blanc is a delicate and surprisingly complex white, with zesty flavors of citrus, grass, and gooseberry, which are mellowed by a lovely note of honeysuckle. This wine entices Sauvignon Blanc lovers, and perfectly complements dishes with fresh green herbs, lime, and garlic.


Winery: Producta Vignobles
Varietal: White Blend
Year: 2015
Type: Dry
ABV: 12% ABV
Country: France