2016 Haut Vignac Merlot

2016 Haut Vignac Merlot

Soft and fruity Merlot from southwest France


The grapes in 2016 Haut Vignac Périgord are grown near the Dordogne River in beautiful southwest France, and produce an attractive, ruby red wine. This thoughtful, Merlot engages the drinker with fruity and pleasant aromas. The first sip delights with a soft and fruity flavor, rounded out by soft tannins. Indulge in this wine whenever you want to savor something beautiful, but be sure to open a bottle the next time you’re enjoying grilled food. This wine hails from Southwest France, the Wine Enthusiast 2017 Wine Region of the Year, “…a hotbed of dynamic innovation and new wines” that “…has retained its roots and a history that stretches back into the origins of French winemaking.”


Winery: Producta Vignobles
Varietal: Merlot
Year: 2016
Type: Dry
ABV: 12.5% ABV
Country: France