2013 Black Pheasant Zinfandel

2013 Black Pheasant Zinfandel

Understated yet striking California red with notes of red fruit and spice.


Black pheasants are beautiful birds, with bright red faces and feathers that glimmer with hues of green and purple. 2013 Black Pheasant Zinfandel has the same understated yet striking character. This easy-drinking California red attracts the drinker’s attention with sweet aromas of berry and spice. On the palate, it pleases with delicate flavors of red berry, red currant, and plum, made complex by notes of spice and oak. Open a bottle before it bursts into flight.


Winery: Jenna
Varietal: Zinfandel
Year: 2013
ABV: 13.5% ABV
Country: United States