2017 Cuvée Joëlle Malbec et Merlot

2017 Cuvée Joëlle Malbec et Merlot

Your bacon cheeseburger’s French best friend


Dark and rustic Malbec meets soft and fruit forward Merlot in this blend of classic French grapes. 2017 Cuvèe Joëlle Merlot et Malbec is greater than the sum of its considerable parts, and excites with layers of red plum, raspberry, blackberry, vanilla, and fresh herbs. Enjoy it with foods with big flavors like burgers, bacon, and strong cheeses. This wine hails from Southwest France, the Wine Enthusiast 2017 Wine Region of the Year, “…a hotbed of dynamic innovation and new wines” that “…has retained its roots and a history that stretches back into the origins of French winemaking.”


Winery: Georges Vigouroux
Varietal: Red Blend
Year: 2017
Type: Dry
ABV: 12.5% ABV
Country: France